How to Write an Online Obituary

Toss the template • Tell the story

Free Quick-Start Guide to Writing an Online Obituary

Examples, Ideas, & Advice for a Fresh, Original Tribute

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Step 1: Getting Started
Step 2: The Barf Draft
Step 3: The Hook

Diagram showing the hook section of an obituary A great hook gives your obituary curb appeal.


Step 4: The Body

The body is the meat of your story. Choose a couple of themes that capture what was special about your obituee—say, “wallflower” and “sharp cookie.”  Then choose brief stories that illustrate each theme. Each anecdote should consist of one to three paragraphs.

Don’t try to move from cradle to grave. You can’t cover an entire life in any obituary. Just hit the highlights. What made your obituee different from everyone else on the planet?

Step 5: The Conclusion
Step 6: Spit 'n' Polish
Step 8: Posting and Sharing