On Snapchat and other apps, you can use geofilters to customize a geofenced sticker for a funeral. The sticker is said to be geofenced because it’s made available on the app in a limited geographic area for a certain period of time. Snap users, for example, would then take a selfie or other pic at the service (please, no casket selfies!) and use the geofenced sticker as an overlay. (The snapshot would replace the grid area shown in these samples.) The filter essentially creates a digital photo frame. To customize the sticker, you can change the colors and fonts. To personalize it, you can even upload bitmoji—personal emoji or cartoon avatars that look like you and your friends.

The predesigned geofilter templates in Snap’s Prom and Love categories work well for memorial stickers. (The Prom category is seasonally available.) But explore other geofilters, such as the waves sticker in the Summer Vibes category and the flowers options in the Wedding category. The big downside of geofilters is the steep cost (ditto for virtual candles and roses). I’d have to cough up around $75 to make one measly geofenced sticker available within my small neighborhood for 1 hour. Still, creating a custom sticker for a funeral or memorial is a swell idea. It’s a must if you’re planning a destination funeral. Save the images created with the geofilter—then upload them to the obituee’s virtual memorial (digital memorial) or memorial Facebook page.