Package includes an instant PDF download of three core chapters from How to Write an Online Obituary:

Chapter 4: Just the Quirks, Ma’am: Collecting Your Memories
Chapter 5: The Barf Draft: C’mon, Let It All Out
Chapter 6: The Dazzle is in the Details: Writing in Hi-Res

BONUS! Preface: Gone with the Wind
BONUS! Quick-Start Guide to Obituary Writing

If you don’t have time to read the whole book right now, these three chapters will get you up to speed quickly. They’ll show you how to choose the best details from a lifetime of memories, turn out a really lousy but quick draft (journalists call it a “barf draft”), and then clean up and polish that draft into an obituary you’ll be proud of.

Toss those stiff, tired templates and create an original obituary that does justice to your loved one’s unique life.